Mardev Group

Over the last three decades, MARDEV GROUP has risen from a noble and ethical leadership ideology in Egypt to be a very successful Egyptian owned company in urban development and contracting fields. Our companies’ reasonable size gives us a number of advantages. It allows us to be agile and flexible, so that we can better serve our customers with extremely professional ways.
Our company ability to learn, and translate that learning into work rapidly, is the most competitive feature we have and also to build a good leaderships requires you to surround yourself with people of different perspectives who can disagree with you without fear.
I always search for one thing when I hire a new employee: ambition. Without looking if he/she have a proven track record in the field, it’s likely that this person becomes a exhaustion rather than a contributor in the successful of our company.
We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skills and expertise of our employees who work together as a team delivering successful projects. Valuing the importance of relationships, we have a collaborative approach that is flexible and can respond quickly to the needs of our clients.
Established in 1989, and with over 30 years of experience in civil construction and urban development, we have built on our strengths to become a very successful Egyptian owned company. We are having a proven track record in a large variety of civil construction. MARDEV GROUP are born to serve the client’s needs in the best and efficient way and translate its vision to reality in the market.
MARDEV GROUP intend to bring the home ownership dream to life through afford ability, exceptional design unique and a blend of city and suburban life.
MARDEV GROUP is a real estate investment, contracting, and urban development companies committed to distinction, innovation and quality standards. MARDEV’s priority is to stay abreast with the national, regional and international changes taking place in the interrelated fields of urban development and real estate investment, while consolidating values and professional ethics.
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